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 Katie is founder of

Breeze Sports Therapy: 

Sports & Remedial Therapy &

Female Centred Health and Wellness

Katie studied at Loughborough University, graduating in 1997 with a BSc Hons in PE & Sports Science/Social Science. She has over 23 years experience of group exercise teaching and Personal Training. During her early years of teaching she worked  alongside global presenter, Dean Hodgkin while at Ragdale Hall Health Hydro, and gained experience teaching a varied timetable of classes from Body Pump and Body Combat to Breathwork and Relaxation.

After taking a break from work to have her children, she trained further, gaining  a distinction in a Diploma of Sports Therapy. 

She currently has 14 years experience as a Sports Therapist, and is founder of Breeze Sports Therapy; a Holistic Health & Fitness Service.


During her 11 years at C1 Chiropractic Health Centre, as a Sports Therapist, she expanded her knowledge and practice to include myofascial remedial therapy and medical acupuncture / dry needling, treating hundreds of patients for a variety of musculoskeletal pain, injury and dysfunction.

She is dedicated to the notion that in order to understand who we are, we must view our minds and bodies as deeply interconnected. 

Now in her 50's, she has personal experience of the changes that occur in the female body during the transition in to the "third age", through peri to post menopause. Blending the knowledge that her personal experience brings with her regular professional research reading, further qualifications in Women's Health for the 3rd Age (Diploma from Jenny Burrell Education), and ongoing CPD courses, Katie offers a wide range of healthcare services to support women in preparation for, and during this transformative stage of life.

Katie creates bespoke roadmaps for women to guide them on healthy lifestyle adaptations that will be supportive through the hormonal imbalance of peri- to post-menopause years; helping to reduce symptoms, increase energy and boost confidence. 


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She has recently created a unique female fitness brand "Mindful Motion" offering 1:1 and group Female Functional Fitness. Katie has designed and run her hugely successful female only class; 40-FY (Fortify) for the past 3 years.  40-FY is a 40minute class blending low-impact, functional strength exercises with core stability and mobility work, alongside breathwork and fascial training, to help tap in to the neurological and lymphatic systems and manage the down-regulation of stress. 


She is passionate about educating all of her her clients on holistic health modalities, and aims to engage and motivate individuals to achieve their goals, and transform their lives.


 It is not enough to just survive as our estrogen levels diminish and along with it, our mental and physical health.

Studio Fitness


With over 13 years experience as a Sports Therapist and as an accredited Women’s Health Specialist, I’ve worked with and taught 100’s of individuals, providing them with real solutions for their most pressing concerns regarding musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction, ‘core rehabilitation’,  strength & fitness, fat loss, and freedom of movement restoration.  I am passionate about the development and maintenance of physical and mental health and wellbeing, throughout all stages of life, and using soft tissue health modalities alongside movement and exercise prescription, I provide holistic treatments and programmes that are bespoke to each individual's needs, aims and objectives. ​



Level 4 Sports Therapist

The focus of many of my treatments are the common objectives of  freedom of movement and pain reduction. If not the result of a specific trauma/injury, these are often the result of dynamic postural dysfunction.

It is through the analysis of human movement, the hands on assessment of restrictions in fascia and other soft tissues, and the balance of strength and weaknesses and activation of muscles, that a truly holistic treatment can be offered. 


Movement prescription combined with a variety of Sports Therapy treatment modalities; including Myofascial Release, Dry Needling & Trigger Point Therapy, Muscle Energy Techniques & Joint Mobilisations; are blended to create treatments that are as unique as the individual. 


Women's Health Certifications & Accreditations:


Diploma - (Jenny Burrell Education) 

Provision of Health and Lifestyle Care for the Peri- to Post-Menopausal Woman.


Level 3 Certified  

Practitioner of Pre and Post Natal Exercise Prescription


Certified  FABS Instructor

(Exercise for the Older Populations) through the nationally acclaimed Move it or Lose it.



The fitness industry and healthcare profession are constantly evolving, and so to ensure that I am providing the best care possible, continued professional development is an ongoing commitment.  I constantly strive to develop my practice knowledge and experience, in doing so, I regularly pursue further qualifications within the fitness industry and in the wider complementary healthcare profession.


CPD is gained through attending both in person and online seminars, workshops, conventions and training days, ensuring I stay on top of the latest techniques and that my knowledge is always current and as wide ranging possible.

Professional Standards, Qualifications & Insurance

  • BSc Hons PE & Sports Science/Social Science

  • Diploma Holistic Massage 

  • Level 4 Sports Massage Therapist

  • Level 3 Pre-& Post Natal Exercise Prescription

  • YMCA Qualified Exercise to Music Instructor and Personal Trainer

  • Move It or Lose It Certified FABS Instructor

  • Accredited member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (MFHT)

  • Accredited Women' Health Through  Peri-to Post Menopause Practitioner (Burrell Education Diploma) 

  • Member of FitPro

Find me on: the FHT Complementary Healthcare Therapist Register accredited by Professional Standards Authority.

To search the FHT Complementary Healthcare Therapist Register, please visit  

Public Liability insured



117 Belmont Rd

St Andrews,



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