Josh Harris 

"I'm a competitive runner, with 8 years serious competition under my belt. I've been coming for pre- and post-event treatments from Katie for over 2 years now, and since my first visit, I have achieved several PB's over Marathon and Half Marathon distances. With the help of her treatments; including regular postural analysis and muscle function testing, I feel my body is in better condition than ever." (JH, July 2016)


Connor Davis 

"I wanted to let you know that I’ve had a range of treatments previously at various other establishments, and this was the best of them. Katie gave me great confidence that she was knowledgeable and knew exactly what she was doing by explaining muscle adaptation, range restriction and so on with some simple but effective demonstrations. The treatment itself was great – for me it felt much more comprehensive than other massages I’ve had especially the work she did on increasing range of motion in my shoulders. All in all, well worth the visit. Please pass on my thanks to Katie – I suspect I’ll be back in the not too distant future! "

Circuits, Body Conditioning & Functional Fitness Classes - SOPHIE CLINKARD 

"After many years of searching, I’ve finally found exercise classes that work for me. 

The classes are friendly and nurturing, no matter your fitness level or ability. Katie’s extensive knowledge of the human body ensures that every exercise is designed for optimum results.  

Having a sports therapist develop an exercise routine means that her classes are always a challenge and afterwards, every muscle has been worked (even muscles I didn’t know I had).  All delivered with a sense of fun. I look forward to her classes and feel great as a result.  Highly recommend." (SC, Feb 2018)

Circuits, Body Conditioning & Functional Fitness Classes 

 - MW

"I've recently persuaded a friend who hasn't exercised for a long time, to attend one of Katie's classes. I'd say one of the many strengths she has is how she combines her knowledge and experience to provide a really caring and supportive teaching environment.. Whether you are an experienced exerciser or are relatively new to it, Katie will adapt movements and guide you through them carefully and tactfully. We love her classes!" (MW, Nov 2017)

Circuits, Body Conditioning & Functional Fitness Classes - Louise Leigh (Feb 2019)

"Katie Breeze knows more about fitness and that sort of thing than she really ought to - and is very kind and fun.

I absolutely love her classes - even though I tell her repeatedly that I hate them while I'm doing them. If I have asked you to squeeze my thighs or biceps in the past few weeks, it's because of her. (Sorry!)"

BST LIVE ONLINE  LOCKDOWN FITNESS -  Catherine OHara-Beale March- Sept 2020

"So a few weeks in to lock down, gym sessions well and truly stopped, alcohol consumption increased from twice a week to every day, and with that, increased food portions, crisps, snacks etc. Generally feeling lethargic, pretty anxious about the whole situation we were in, and therefore drinking more, eating more, sleeping less. I decided I needed to do something, otherwise I was going to feel a hell of a lot worse. So I noticed on Facebook a friend was doing online classes. So that was it, decision made, I was going to get off my backside and get fitter and healthier!

Katie’s zoom classes every week have been easy to join, easy to follow and something to get out of bed for! Week 1 I felt like I was going to collapse and die afterwards, but 14 weeks on, and I’m fitter, healthier, more toned, and at 9-10 lb lighter, weigh less than I have in over 3 years. I’ve even started running a bit on my own, and am exercising whilst on holiday! I’ve been focussed on eating healthier, only drinking on the weekends, and generally moving more. I loved the HIIT classes even though I thought I’d hate them!  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of it, and I’m so amazed how Katie adapted her fitness classes so quickly, to the benefit of all of us that joined, it felt lovely to be part of a class full of smiling, sweating faces, all doing something together, albeit in our own lounges, kitchens or gardens. Thank you Katie, you are truly amazing, and thanks to you, I’ve managed to turn what could have been an opportunity to become a couch potato into something that has turned out to be a huge positive."


Katie is an extraordinary exercise teacher, she motivates, encourages & has lifted my spirit on even the most challenging lockdown day. She works with people of all abilities & I feel stronger now than I have done for years, after 20 weeks of training with Katie.’

Ellie Tallis - July 2020