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Oh no's a repeat. You might have heard it all before!!!!!

If I sound a little frustrated, it's because I am.

Don't get me wrong, for every small business owner (for whom these past 15 weeks have been equally financially, psychologically and physically shattering), who has been permitted to re-open for business on 4th July- so called Super Saturday - I am delighted for you. If you have dug deep and are finally ready to come up for air, albeit with sensible caution and new operational procedures (at least for the immediate future) A MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS. I really hope this is the beginning of moving our economy and personal livelihoods forward, without jeopardising our health and placing renewed strain on the NHS. Let's all work together to support our local businesses, but we still ALL have our part to play. Coronavirus hasn't gone away, so please respect others and where possible, maintain a sensible distance. Where this isn't possible, take the necessary hygiene precautions that we are all very aware of now (i.e. hand washing, sanitising, protective clothing where necessary...).

Yesterday I announced that my Sports Therapy business might be one of the services included in the government's guidance list of businesses able to reopen on 4th July. Sadly however, Mr Johnson has changed his mind.

While Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, and Chiropractic care are considered to be "exceptional" as they are able to provide health care services that might otherwise be provided by the NHS; Sports Therapy, (despite the many common treatments to Physiotherapy it offers, and the proven physical and mental health and wellbeing benefits afforded by it); due to it being considered an"alternative" therapy and classed under the same umbrella as "general massage" cannot yet reopen.

So I am disappointed to say that we shall have to wait a little longer. For those who have been in touch, wishing me well and enquiring about my services, and those who are in pain desperately requesting a treatment; thanks for your support but please be patient.

I am sorry we will have to wait....but hey look on the bright side, you'll be able to go to the pub, go camping, hang out in the shops with your mates, get a hair cut, go to the amusement arcade, have a meal out, stay in a hotel, go to the museum, play bingo, go to the cinema, library and church and workout at the park and outdoor gyms....just don't hurt yourself, as despite all my cleanliness, new protocols and PPE, we Sports Therapists will sadly not be able to help....

.....and breathe.

Tomorrow is another day. Have a good one.


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