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Online Personal Training - How Does It Work?

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

It's no surprise that one of the rising stars trending in the fitness industry particularly in recent months, is ONLINE PERSONAL TRAINING. Like many ideas in the fitness world, Online PT made its debut across the pond in the USA, but of course the very nature of it being online, means that it has made a truly universal impact.

As with all services, the quality of training offered will be dependent largely on the quality (experience, qualifications, breadth of knowledge etc) of the individual providing the service, but there are a couple of questions regarding online training that I get asked a lot; just how PERSONAL can online personal training be, and how does it work?

I should mention here that I do offer online PT and Health & Fitness Programmes, and as such I am obviously an advocate of it for a number of reasons (that will be discussed), but for anyone considering online training as an option, I hope that you will find the following information useful in helping you decide objectively whether online training is for you.

Should you have any questions after reading this, please feel free to get in touch, and I will be very happy to discuss further with you the options available, and how an Online PT plan might (or might not) suit you.



You decide when and where you will work out

While your trainer may offer 1 or 2 live online meetings/training sessions a week, the rest is planned for you to do on your own, and in your own time. No more diary clashes or cancellations because of rescheduled work commitments, or working around school runs & after school activities.


It is usually cheaper because it can be done in your home without the hassle of going out to a gym with the additional time and financial costs that brings.

BST In-person 1:1 Personal Training is £40/hr if you pay as you go, or it works out cheaper if you block book; a block of 6 PT sessions costs £210

BST Online Personal Training (PAYG) is £35/hr for 1 session a week or £30/hr for 2 sessions a week.

Alternatively, it works out to be even more cost effective if you block purchase your PT sessions or a choose a plan from the BST Balanced Life Series.


Given the current Covid-19 restrictions and precautions that we are all expected to play our part in following, the online PT session is not only safe, but has the bonus of keeping you focussed and mentally healthy in times of isolation. Much has been written recently of the mental health benefits of staying physically active during the Coronavirus lockdown months. What would be more satisfying than knowing each morning you wakeup, you have a plan of activity for the day to keep you focussed, mentally alert, physically fit and happier as a result of the endorphins released post workout?


Working with a specific trainer, who you trust and have chosen. This might not be the most obvious advantage of online training, but when you train in a gym, you may sometimes be trained by multiple trainers. In choosing an online trainer, you build a relationship with that one person who will consistently be with you throughout your entire fitness journey.

One of the biggest keys to successfully working out and getting in shape is having a professional to go to for advice and direction. For those who are confident in their ability to perform the exercises themselves, online training can provide the perfect compliment to your training program.

Of course, getting all of these variables to align, and for you to find the ideal trainer, is not always easy, and for some, training via a remote online platform simply isn't right.



By "connecting", I am not referring to the IT connectivity problems that are sometimes experienced with live online training, (although sadly this is a very real frustration for the trainer). I am more referring to the fact that some people simply find it hard to emotionally and physically connect to the workout via a screen. Some clients prefer more hands on training. Motivation for some is driven almost entirely by the face to face contact, and the sense of accountability due to the fact that the trainer is literally standing over them. For those individuals, being left to complete training sessions alone, simply may not work.


Adding to the lack of connectivity; the lack of personal contact, and therefore attention during a training session, has the drawback that the trainer is not actually by your side correcting your technique when necessary. HOWEVER, a good online personal trainer should have a library of videos of correct techniques for the variety of exercises prescribed, and will also be available for questions and queries.


Finding the right trainer for you is just as important online as it is face to face. You will want them to motivate you, offer regular check-ins to monitor progress, and be there to answer any questions you might have. While the online trainer isn't right there beside you counting your reps, they should be keeping you accountable to your programme. The bottom line however, is that you are ultimately only cheating yourself if you choose not to do the programme. It really couldn't be more straight forward than that.



SO, if you're still interested in the idea of ONLINE PERSONAL TRAINING PLANS that you can do ANYWHERE & ANYTIME that suits you, how does it all work here at BST?


How It Works

When you book BST Online PT (as a stand alone service), you will receive an online (via Zoom) initial consultation when you will discuss your goals and objectives, and you will perform some baseline tests and measurements from which your trainer will produce a training programme for you. You will then agree on convenient times for check-ins and ongoing Online PT sessions, when your trainer will guide you through the exercises prescribed. You will be sent details of your training plan, have access to the online training app, and be given details of everything you need to know in order to workout in your own time in between scheduled PT sessions.

The BST Balanced Life Series

currently includes two 4 week plans;

These both include 1 x PT session a week with the added benefits of access to additional specific workout videos, dietary advice, nutritionally controlled meal plans, an exercise and food log, and access to the fully prepared 4 week phased training plan, with tracking and accountability.

How It Works

When you choose a BST Balanced Life Plan, you will receive an online (via Zoom) initial consultation when you will discuss your goals and objectives, and you will perform some baseline tests and measurements from which your trainer will produce a 4 week training programme for you.

This will include your weekly scheduled live online PT sessions, when specific training and new techniques will be taught, and a phased 4 week training plan containing the relevant workouts, rest days and nutritional information in video, written and illustrated format.

You will download the training app from which you can access your periodised training plan and all the videos you need for demonstration purposes, and providing the relevant coaching tips for each exercise, so that you are never in doubt when performing the sessions on your own.

You will then be accountable via the online training app, checking off workouts as you go, so that your trainer, (I), can check your progress on a daily and weekly basis, and you can write any notes or ask questions if necessary.

You will complete the food diary, rate your workouts (for perceived exertion), and we will track your progress together using the app


The pre packaged BST Fitness plans that are available, are all featured on the website, but here at BST we understand that everyone is different. In order for you to be successful in your training outcomes, you have to be committed, and that means, the plan has to suit you.

Get in touch if you are interested and we will discuss a bespoke plan that will give you all the flexibility you need to reach your full potential.

You have to be committed and and so we are always willing to discuss training plan options that will suit you.

For further information or to discuss any of the options available or to put a bespoke plan together, please contact Katie via the website or call on 07775 852791.


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